24 Things I’ve Learned in my 24 Years of Living

Guess whose back, back, back? Back again? First off, I want to apologize, for being probably the most inconsistent person in the entire world. But I should probably explain why I’m so inconsistent: 1) I write only when I feel the need to write (if I’m feeling down, if I’m inspired by an idea, etc.); 2) my health is not the greatest right now (but Alhumdolilah for all that I have!). Now that that’s out of the way, onto the entry!

So recently I turned 24 (sometime in the month of December). And as I enjoyed myself with my family and friends (it was honestly a GREAT birthday Alhumdolilah), I began to look back at all that I’ve done/felt/accomplished/learned during my time on planet Earth. I’m a serious thinker btw, I mean, I analyze things to the next degree, so looking back on my life is something I do on a daily basis if I’m being completely honest. But my mind is allllll over the place, so I decided to really concentrate and break down everything that I could think of into inspirational/pick-me-up/funny tidbits to share with y’all. Now, without further ado, here is a list of 24 things I’ve learned in my 24 years of living (I’m sure I’ve learned a lot more hopefully, but these are the things my mind can remember at this moment in time heh):

1) Don’t stress over things that are not in your control. Seriously, stressing about it is just going to make you freak out, and stress even more. It’s a never-ending stress cycle I tell you! And it doesn’t solve a thing.

2) Smile and laugh as much as you can. Even if the joke isn’t that funny. Or if the joke is funny, but it’s not a “cool” joke so you don’t wanna laugh and look lame. Just laugh! Laughter invites more laughter, and I’m sure all of your best memories include some sort of laughter or smiling.

3) Don’t care so much about what other people think. Such a cliché, I know! But honestly, it’s SO FREAKING TRUE! Ugh, how I wish I could go back to high school and University and just do meeee.

4) Join as many clubs/organizations as you can in High School/University. Ideally the best time to start this kind of thing is when you’re in high school, but if that time has passed, don’t fret! You can still join clubs in University.

5) Be social. I loveeee my alone time, trust me, I get how amazing it is. But honestly, with this kind of job market (in Canada at least), I wish I was more social in school, and networked more. I could probably start networking now, but I feel like my ship has sailed (I’m not that old I know, but trust me I feel old :().

6) Donate as much as you can to charities. Do your research. Don’t just donate blindly. Find a cause you’re very interested in or passionate about. Actually, find more than one charity that you like. The more the merrier.

 7) Volunteer. Volunteeeeeer! This kind of ties in with the club thing, but volunteer doesn’t have to be school related. It can be anything. And honestly, just like with #6, it’s better if you volunteer your time with an organization you’re actually interested in or feel passionate about.

8) Spend more time with your family. We take our families for granted. I know I did for a long time (I probably still do actually). But after Allah (SWT), your family is the one thing you can depend on wholeheartedly (I’m very fortunate to have a family I can depend on, I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t have that, and I don’t mean to blindly ignore them!!).

9) Give compliments out on the regs. To a family member, to a friend, to a customer, to a stranger on the bus. Don’t force yourself to do it though haha. I find that if I appreciate something of someone else (for example: that lady has really nice hair), I’ll just keep it to myself. But no, I should go chase that lady down and tell her how nice her hair is!! Okay obviously don’t chase anyone down, but you know what I mean. Don’t keep those compliments to yourself, don’t be selfish!

10) Don’t be selfish. See what I did there? Aha, no but seriously, stop thinking about yourself all the time. It’s gross.

11) Do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do (you know that thing, that’s not like super important, but you still wanna do it, but it’s also probably a waste of time and money). It’s not a waste of time or money! So I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the ukulele, and since I’m not working that much nowadays, I just ordered one online randomly, and now I play it almost every day. Why didn’t I do this before?!

12) Exercise. I’ve learned the importance of exercise, but I still don’t do it. Randomly I decide to be super healthy and badass for a few days, but then my mom brings home a cake or some cupcakes, and mans are weaaaaak. But that feeling of being healthy is so great! I hope I can get back and stay on that grind.

13) Eat healthy. See #12 for further explanation.

14) Be a good friend. And brother, sister, daughter, son, father, mother… just be a good person, okay? And by good I mean someone whose kind, caring, and genuine. I’m not asking for much I promise.

15) Spread your knowledge. You’re smart, wise, intelligent, etc. You’re a bunch of great things, and you know a bunch of great things. Share your knowledge with others! Especially the youth (they need us, they’re very troubled…JUST KIDDING, don’t hate me pls, I love the youth, technically I’m still kinda the youth, kind of…I’ll stop now).

16) Let others share their knowledge with you. And really listen to it. It might not all be good, but it might not all be bad either.

17) Give people the benefit of the doubt. That receptionist didn’t return your greeting? That guy cut you off on the highway? Maybe they’re having a bad day! Just take a deep breath, smile, and respond nicely.

18) But don’t let people walk all over you. You don’t have to be rude about it. Don’t like something someone did? Tell them. Be straightforward. That doesn’t mean yelling at and insulting them.

19) Pay off your loans. I’m still in the process of doing this. But it eats away at me every day and every night. Can I live?!

20) Binge watch a TV show. If you’ve never done this kind of thing, then yeah you definitely need to. I mean, you’ll probably feel gross, and wutless, but it’s a rite of passage.

21) Dance like crazy. When nobody’s watching. Or when everybody’s watching. Whatever floats your boat 😉 I recommend Bollywood music. I don’t even really listen to Bollywood music, but DAMN THAT WORKOUT. Best thing to dance to.

22) Go to sleep early. Which is something I’m currently NOT doing, and I already feel bloodshot. It’s currently 11:51 pm 😥

23) Have a photo shoot. I mean it’s more fun if you do this with another person, or a group of people, but if you have the equipment and are fully capable of holding a photo shoot with just yourself, then by all means! And having a photo shoot includes, getting dressed up, doing your makeup, just caking and diming up! Okay?!

24) Appreciate all that you have in life, and be grateful for it. I goofed off for a bit, but I needed to end off with something super worthwhile. I honestly think this is the most important point of them all.

Okay, I’m like falling asleep while I’m writing this. I could’ve just written this tomorrow, but I’ve been putting off this entry for God knows how long, so I forced myself to do it now. YOU’RE WELCOME. I’m joking. Wow, I’m sorry if I’m coming across obnoxious, but I promise I do it for the lols. And the lack of sleep is probably also making me sound whack. I hope y’all lol’d 😦

Anyway, let me finish this off properly before I completely KO. Until next time my fellow readers, bloggers, and internet trolls alike, I bid you farewell, and wish you the best for today, tomorrow, and for all your days ahead.


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