The first of many

Welcome to my blog,, where I try to navigate through life’s ups and downs, hopefully giving insight to others on what to do and what not to do during certain situations! I’m not a professional counsellor or famous celebrity – really I’m just your next average Joe – but hopefully through my failures (and successes!) we can all learn some important things, myself included. I decided to start a blog because I had this growing feeling inside of me that I needed to start sharing parts of my life with complete strangers (I’m that random lady on the bus who will start talking to you even though you clearly have earphones in and are listening to music ;)).

I’m a 23-year old Muslim Canadian woman diagnosed with the genetic disorder NF2. Basically, this disorder produces neuromas/cysts/tumours/schwannomas/neurofibromas (mainly benign phew), all throughout my head and body. I was diagnosed 2 years ago, during my final year at University (perfect timing eh?), and since then, I’ve completely changed my outlook on life (very cliche I know).

I love food, fashion, makeup, and travelling (among many other things), and so I hope to incorporate all of these into my blog (not just my health issue don’t worry). To be honest, I don’t really expect many to read this blog, but maybe this will be some sort of therapy for myself. What’s the harm right? If you’ve gotten to this point in my entry, I thank you a million times, and I’ll warn you now, I’m a complete n00b, so my blog will definitely be all over the place and completely unorganized. But if you can stick through the beginning, I promise to make it as aesthetically pleasing and fun to read as possible =D

So until next time fellow readers, bloggers, and internet trolls alike, I bid you farewell, and wish you the best today, tomorrow, and in all your days ahead.


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